For our first collection, I wanted to ensure that my inspiration came from an authentic place which not only complimented our brand but also provided value to our community. If you read "our story" so far while cruising through our website then you know that I was in Barcelona when it all hit me. If you haven’t done so already go check it out, it’s located on our home page. The idea was not just to design an item that tells time, but rather something that tells & shares your story. Being that I was in Barcelona for the first time, the home of Alexander, it was only right to name our first collection “Catalonia”. The Catalonia region is proudly known for its great energy, it is truly a perfect place for inspiration. There you can find amazing things, from modern architecture and design to vibrant artwork and great beaches, just to name a few. Surrounded by all these remarkable masterpieces, I was inspired to create a masterpiece of my own to share with the world. Watch design


So, I got to sketching the old school way, and here my ideas slowly started to come to life. While I was sketching, I wanted to make sure that I captured the essence of my stay in Spain. Incorporating classic vintage designs viewed from a modern perspective. During the design phase, I always kept in mind the type of person I was creating this timepiece for. This was someone whose positive energy was contagious, someone who valued his time as well as the time of others. Just an all-around go-getter! Throwing all those ingredients into one creative pot, I was able to develop our first collection. Every step of this process came from a place of passion so I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.