Who is Alexander Cavano?

Let me take you back to a distinct time, the early nineties where it all started. It was a hot July day and summertime excitement was floating in the air. I was visiting my grandfather at his office, a place where both men and women of great influence would frequently pay their visits. They would always converse and exchange stories with my grandfather and occasionally reminisce, especially if they were old friends. There I was in my grandfather’s office, a curious child, carefully observing every little detail of my surroundings. His customers would always come and go, but there was one peculiar, yet captivating gentleman that would always grab my attention. He was a well-traveled man, a mysterious explorer, if you will. I never quite knew what he did for work, nonetheless, he would always tell stories about his hometown in Barcelona, and where he was traveling to next. One day, he gifted me with an item that would forever change my life. He quickly noticed me in the corner of the office gazing at him. He got up from his chair, slowly making his way toward me. “Young man, I see your wrist is empty.” I looked up and made eye contact with the man. “You know every true gentleman must have a watch!” He looked at his wrist as if he was surprised to see a watch. He then proceeded to take off the watch he had been wearing and gifted me with it. “You’re now officially a gentleman,” he said as he gave me a heartfelt, warm smile. He was a man of great mystery, confidence, and style. His name was Alexander Cavano. 

So how did we get here?

Fast forward two decades later, and I am on a vacation in the high-spirited city of Barcelona, Spain. My younger brother and I are enjoying chocolate-dipped churros on the boardwalk. Encompassed by the exciting colors, sounds, and atmosphere of the city, I looked down at my wrist to check the time. Immediately, It all hit me! I was in Cavano’s hometown and my mind instantly flashed back to the moment when Alexander Cavano gave me my first watch. I could vividly remember the excitement and confidence I got from looking down at my wrist every couple of minutes. It then suddenly dawned on me, an epiphany if you will, a watch is not just an accessory which merely tells the time, but it tells a story. You share your most significant memories with it. I wanted to share with the world the same esteemed feeling I experience when I gaze at my watch. A few days later I was catching a flight back to New York full of excitement and ambition. I got right to work and that’s how Alexander Cavano was born.