6 ways on how to always have a great day!


1. It starts with the night before.

We all have read or heard the importance of a good night's sleep. It's remarkable what a solid 7-9 hours of good old fashion shut-eye can do for us. Think of it this way, getting a sufficient amount of sleep is the body's way of recharging. Just like how we charge our cell phones before we go out of the house, you also need to charge your body so you can perform at your best. So, try to avoid these things to ensure a good night's sleep; Coffee, alcoholic beverages, the blue light on your cell phone or computers, arguments with your spouse, empty/full stomach and finally drinking too much water for obvious reasons. Instead, give reading a book a chance or even imagining a happy moment in your life to get you in the “Zen” stage.

2. Wake up 2 hours before you need to go to work.

One of the worst feelings is being late to work. The amount of frustration this provides to us is relatable across the board whether you’re in New York or Thailand. We’ve all been there, stuck behind a school bus that stops at every house before you can even get to the highway. Being jammed behind someone that doesn’t have the desire to drive the speed limit what so ever, and of course heavy traffic. We all know how delightful that can be. However, this can all be avoided. Starting your day a couple of hours before heading off to work is a serious game-changer. The satisfaction of having that time to do things is really what makes a difference. Start your morning with a glass of water to wake up your system up and if you want to maximize your morning, even more, try a good stretch or moderate exercise. You will no doubt see a difference in your day's performance.

3. Have your day mapped out and organized.

One of the most effective ways to tackle your days is having a to-do list or a game plan prepared in advance. Something about writing down your tasks and checking them off provides a great sense of accomplishment. Psychologically, it’s a great tool for us as individuals. This provides us with purpose, a day of completed duties is a success regardless of your tasks. Next time, try writing your todo's down with a checkbox next to every assignment and check it off as you go. Trust me it’s a it works wonders.


Whether it’s a simple jog, walk, light yoga or weight lifting, exercising is an essential element to having a great day. Our bodies work best when we are in constant movement. Right away, you will notice an increase in energy throughout your day. For me, it helps to limit that “sluggish” or “lethargic” feeling we sometimes tend to get. Not to mention, studies have countlessly shown a slight boost of serotonin that gets released in our brains, as well as stimulation of brain cells being produced by the specific hormones when you exercise. In combination with your exercise routine, you should incorporate a hot sauna session or a cold shower.

5. Avoid looking back at yesterday.

I admit it, life can be stressful sometimes and dwelling on things that happened yesterday can add on to that stress. My old psychology professor used to always mention this phrase that stuck with me to this day “Analysis Paralysis." When problems arise it’s in our nature to always overthink the issue. However, what that does is just dig a bigger hole. Just remember, if it’s out of your control don’t stress it too much, chances are that problem will go away in 72 hours or less. So, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on today not yesterday!

6. Spend a solid hour doing something for yourself.

Have you been noticing that your days have been flashing by more and more quickly? Sometimes I feel like we don’t have enough hours throughout the day, but in all honesty, we do! I sat down one day and really broke down all the hours in a single day and what I did with that time. I would easily say, you can squeeze an hour or even two of personal time. This time should be used doing something you love. Whether it’s learning how to play the piano, a quick round of golf with your buddies or reading your favorite novel. Try and dedicate a solid one hour of your time strictly devoted to a hobby you truly enjoy.


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