6 Ways on how to get any job interview you want!

1. Make sure your Resume is in “Tiptop” shape!

With the way technology is advancing in today’s world, everything seems to be moving at such a rapid pace. Therefore, it’s extremely important to stay up to date with the latest trends to give yourself an edge. The way your resume is being viewed is no longer the same as the conventional methods of the past. Did you know that most employers today use an applicant tracking system to navigate through new candidates? This software searches for keywords and skills in your resume. Thus, you need to make sure you use power phrases that are consistently congruent with the job description. Try avoiding cliché words, for example, “Self-starter” or “results-driven”.


 Employers want to know how you were able to successfully contribute to the position and what differences you have made. By making a small change and implementing action phrases like; successfully negotiated, responsible for implementing, developed strong relationships, and improved … by establishing a specific training. This will, in turn, set you up during your interview, when asked certain questions like “Tell me about a time where you overcame a problem?” or “Tell me about your most memorable achievement in your role?”.


2. Make sure you have a LinkedIn Page.

I know for some of us who are creatures of habits, the old ways of just applying online via the company’s website seem to be just fine. Not in today’s world, in fact, a majority of top companies now have an option to apply using your LinkedIn page. According to several HR and recruitment specialists, this boosts your chances of being selected for an interview much quicker than the traditional ways. LinkedIn is a great way to establish your brand, connect, and grow with current/new members of your network. Those connections can also validate your skills and proficiencies by endorsing those great attributes. Subsequently, this could have a terrific impact as recruiters are discovering your page. With over 500 million professional profiles on LinkedIn, this platform is a fantastic way to build your personal brand, connections, and to go after that dream job you always wanted. 


3. Network, Network, Network!

Competing for a great position can be tough, on average there are a minimum of 52 applicants per job posting and even double this for big-name companies. So, how can one separate themselves from this big pile of resumés? Easy, get to know someone internally and ask for them to refer you! Studies have shown that a direct referral or recommendation enhances your chance of scoring a job interview much more than the traditional way of applying.

Employers and recruiters value the opinions of people they know. So, by utilizing step 5 and expanding on your network, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask politely to a friend, old co-worker or your distant cousin for some quick help. Let me give you an example, John your good friend from accounting class in college is friends with a top executive in the company you are looking to start a career with. Now, how can you ask John without coming off as awkward or embarrassed? Simple, try attacking the situation with this similar approach, “Hey John long time no talk, how’s everything been in Seattle? (John moved there after college) I see that your friends with [Blank name who works at Blank company] they currently have an opening position for [The role you want] If it wouldn’t be any trouble, could you please refer me to [The executive/ recruiter, etc.]. This position is a perfect fit for what I am currently looking for and I am confident I can bring value there. Please don’t feel obligated if you’re not comfortable doing this”. Worst case scenario they say no, but you never want to live in regret. Plus, most companies now offer a bonus for bringing on great talent so it’s a win-win for everyone. If you get the job, be sure to take that person out to a nice dinner, send them something meaningful like maybe a watch, everyone loves a great watch!


4. Look at the job description and match it to your skills!

The job description section is an extremely important part of the job posting, it holds key information that thoroughly explains what the role is about. Now granted one may not have all the qualifications that they are looking for, but don’t let this worry you, it’s okay if your missing one or two of the small descriptions mentioned as you can get the proper training for them down the line. Focus on the key bullet points and match it to your strong suits that align with that specific responsibility. Please do keep in mind that it’s important to be honest never sugar coat anything that you have no expertise in, employers appreciate honesty.

 5. Do your research.


Know the company that you're applying to! Don’t just apply to a bunch of jobs for the sake of getting something. It's quality over quantity, in this case, you want to choose a career, not a job. So, choose wisely.


6. Ask yourself why you want this job.

Last, but most definitely not least, ask yourself this question “why do I want this job?” Do you ever want to find out your deepest desires? Well, you have to dig deep and find out the “why” behind it. Self-reflection is a magnificent tool to capture your most desired goals. By asking yourself this question, you may find that your lacking growth in your current position and you hit a plateau where you’re not learning new things. It could be that this role is not the right fit for what you imagined your dream job to be. Also, you are most likely going to be asked why you want to leave your current role/join a new company.Find out what really makes you tick and match it to a job that fits you!

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Actually wore my espresso chrono in an interview recently! Great tips.

Aaron Mitchell January 08, 2020

I recently applied to a new job and used these steps and got the interview even called back for a second one! Great tips, thank you.

John walsh January 07, 2020

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